According to reports, Instagram has two billion active users; But he probably will not accept it

According to anonymous Instagram employees to CNBC, this social network has reached a record of two billion monthly active users. Meta has not officially released these numbers and will probably not do so in the future; Because in the last few months it has been monitored due to possible harm to children and adolescents.

According to Varge, the last time Instagram officially announced the number of its users in 2018. The social platform stated at the time that the number of active users had reached one billion. Now, three years after the announcement of the latest Instagram statistics, the number of active users of this social network has reached two billion. In an interview with CNBC, Instagram employees said that the platform crossed the threshold of two billion monthly active users about a week before Facebook decided to change its name to Meta.

Instagram has been working hard to stay ahead of TickTock. TickTock is a social app for sharing short-term videos that managed to cross the 1 billion monthly active user mark in September. Tikotak has achieved this statistic just three years after its integration with

Although Instagram still ranks higher than TickTock in terms of the number of active users, it is unclear how long this status will be maintained. Instagram offers a number of features that seem to help keep the app out of the box. Among the new features of Instagram, we can mention Reels and Visual Replay.

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However, Instagram is not currently in a position to talk about the number of its users; Because the results of internal studies on Instagram showed that this platform has helped to find drugs easier for teenagers. To deal with this problem and other similar issues, the application has introduced a new feature called “Relax”.

“Relax” is a feature that, if used for a long time, asks the user to close this social network for a while. In addition, Instagram intends to offer new capabilities on its platform for parents to control and monitor their children.

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