Access to Premium Telegram is not possible for Iranian numbers

Telegram, which now hosts 700 million monthly active users, recently introduced its shared service called Telegram Premium. This service, which is supposed to reduce restrictions and provide additional capabilities to users, is currently not available to Iranian users who use Iranian numbers. According to our review at Zomit, access to Premium Telegram is not possible even with a change of IP, and in fact Telegram restricts users based on the number with which they are registered. At present, Telegram has not explained this restriction to Iranian users and it is not clear whether access to Premium Telegram will be provided to Iranian users in the future.

Reduce restrictions on Telegram Premium subscriptions

Telegram Premium offers additional features such as uploading a 4 GB file, a dedicated sticker and using an animated image in the profile, and is available for a monthly price of $ 5 to $ 6.

Paul Dorf, CEO of Telegram, says that these messengers rely more on their users than advertising companies, and the introduction of the premium service has been done as a result of users’ requests to reduce restrictions. Telegram can now make a good living with a share of its 700 million monthly active users.

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