Academic institutions received more than five thousand billion tomans in 1401

Siavash Melkifer announced that until the end of February, the Innovation and Prosperity Fund was able to provide a total of 5,266 billion tomans of facilities to knowledge-based companies. He emphasized that this is not the amount of fund facility approvals, but the amount of facility contracts.

Vice President of Innovation Development of the Innovation and Prosperity Fund in a conversation with stamp He explained the types of facilities for knowledge-based companies and provided statistics on the amount of support for these companies in the year named after knowledge-based companies: “Since the beginning, the Innovation and Prosperity Fund has paid a total of more than 20 thousand billion Tomans in facilities to knowledge-based companies. which was nearly 1,400 billion tomans from the credit line of non-governmental research and technology funds and about 12,000 billion tomans from the banks of the fund’s contract.”

Another popular service is the guarantee fund, which knowledge-based companies can receive with a 5.2% deposit and a 30% discount on fees from the banking network: “Until the end of February, the fund has a total of 3,422 billion tomans of guarantees for this The method has been provided to knowledge-based companies.

In another part of this interview, Melkifer announced that in 1400, a total of four thousand and nine hundred billion tomans of facilities were paid to knowledge-based companies, and considering the payment of five thousand and twenty-six billion tomans of facilities from the beginning of year 1401 to the end of February, the performance of the fund in the field This year’s facilities have significantly increased compared to last year: “In the area of ​​guarantees, last year’s fund had a performance of 3,476 billion tomans, which this year has reached 3,422 billion tomans by the end of February, and this year in this area too, definitely “We will surpass last year’s performance.”

The largest amount of facilities granted by the fund is dedicated to the field of electricity, electronics, photonics, telecommunications and automatic systems, which of course has more companies in this field than other fields. After that, the areas of advanced materials and products based on chemical technologies, as well as the area of ​​advanced machinery and equipment, have received the largest amount of facilities. Meanwhile, the second place in the number of companies belongs to information and communication technology and computer software, but it has the fifth place in the amount of facilities received between different fields of technology.

The vice president of innovation development of Innovation and Prosperity Fund said that the fund provides a total of 12 types of facilities to knowledge-based companies. Qarz Al-Hosna “prototyping” facilities, “pre-industrial production” and “industrial production” facilities, “working capital” facility, Qarz Al-Hosna “deposit for the establishment space”, “office purchase” and Qarz Al-Hosna employment creation facilities are part of these facilities.

Melkifar also explained that facilities are provided to knowledge-based companies in three ways. It is a type of micro-facility for small, medium and start-up companies with an amount of less than 2 billion Tomans, which is paid through the Non-Governmental Research and Technology Fund. But larger companies that need larger facilities are introduced to the banking network and borrow from them. Also, companies that cannot get facilities from these two methods will receive facilities from the Innovation and Prosperity Fund itself.

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