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Some of the most important water treatment chemicals include:

Activated carbon

Activated carbon or Activated carbon It is one of the most widely used chemicals in the water treatment industry. This material, which has a large surface area, is used to remove odor, color, taste, some heavy metals and water chlorine. Active carbon has a high absorption power for these pollutants and a small amount of this material can remove a large amount of water pollutants. Therefore, from an economic point of view, it is also a cost-effective chemical in water purification.


Silica is one of the minerals used in water purification, the sources of which are abundant in nature. Silica in different granulations is used to remove large suspended particles and water turbidity.

In the sand filter tank, the required amount of silica is poured according to the volume of the filter. Water enters the tank from the top of the filter and passing through the silica bed inside the tank, its suspended particles are trapped between the silica holes. Then the clear water is taken out of the tank from the end of the tank by the collection nozzle. Purified water from this stage enters other filtration stages.


Antiscalant is one of the important and necessary chemicals for industrial water purification devices. This substance is not useful for purifying and removing water pollutants, but it plays a very important role in maintaining and protecting membrane filters, which are the most important part of industrial water purification devices.

Antiscalant has a structure that causes suspended particles and pollutants to stick to itself and thus prevents them from settling. In this way, the formation of deposits in the membrane filters is prevented.

Types of important filters in water purification

Each water filter has a specific use. In fact, different types of filters are used in the device to remove various water purification pollutants. These filters have a lot of variety, here we will only review the most important ones:

Membrane filter

Membrane filter It is the most important water filter, which has the ability to remove most water pollutants with an accuracy of 0.0001 micron. This filter, along with other filters and chemicals for water purification, shows great performance.

Sand filter

The sand filter is used in the pre-treatment section of the industrial water purifier to remove turbidity and remove suspended particles of water. The silica sand filter is filled with different granulations, which has the ability to remove suspended particles in large sizes. The water coming out of the sand filter is clear blue without large suspended particles.

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