Abararwan’s website was unavailable

It was not possible to access the site of Abararvan, the infrastructure service provider company, for some time. After an hour, access to this site became possible again, and Abararvan stated the reason for this problem as follows:

Due to the disruptions caused in connection with the Internet from the side of Infrastructure Communications Company, Abar Arvan’s website had a problem accessing some assets and resources used on the Internet, which temporarily caused error 504 to be displayed. The scope of the effect of this problem is only at the level of the Arvan cloud website, and Arvan’s panel and infrastructure are serving customers without any problems.

Abararvan pointed out that the problem on the main page has been solved and the problem on the other pages of the site is also being solved.

But after this reaction, the Abararvan site was interrupted again and faced with errors 502 and 504.

In the past few days, a number of official and government websites have been unavailable due to cyber attacks.

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