A trip to Rasht’s Kalpoosh anemone plain

In this article, we introduce for you, dear ones, unique areas around Rasht and Gilan province, which have been less noticed by travelers. Also about Rent a villa in Rasht from Alibaba We provide you with information.

If you love areas and pristine nature, especially forests and deserts, you will definitely enjoy your trip to Rasht’s Kalpoosh Anemones Plain. Of course, we must say that in Rasht, the capital of Gilan province, there is no news of Dasht Shagaig. Dasht Shagaig Kalpoosh is actually close to Rasht, and if you plan to rent a villa in Rasht for your stay of a few days, you can visit the unique nature of Dasht Shagaig with ease.

Why should we travel to Rasht’s Kalpoosh anemones plain?

When people talk about Rasht, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is the local market of Rasht, Shahdari Square and Sabzeh Maidan, grilled fish and local and seafood dishes, and even the beach of Anzali Sea as Tourist attractions in Rasht Is. It can be safely said that these areas are in the focus of travelers’ attention and they have neglected other areas that have double beauty.

If you have traveled to Rasht many times and visited repeated areas, it is better to give other areas a chance to evaluate. For example, a trip to Rasht’s Kalpoosh anemones plain is a good idea. You can reserve and rent a villa in Rasht and go to the plain of Kalpoosh anemones with peace of mind.

Fortunately, the various tourist areas located in Gilan are not far away and you can go to the nearest Shagaig Kalpoosh plain with just an hour’s drive. Of course, Gilan province has cities that are located at a further distance and have an incredibly dreamy rift plain.

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What kind of people like the Kalpoosh Shaggyeg plain?

If you love travel and adventure and are not interested in crowded and busy environments, then a trip to the plain of Kalpoosh anemones is right for you. People with the following conditions can travel to this area:

  • People for whom coastal nature has become repetitive;
  • Those who have traveled a lot to Rasht and seen the famous areas;
  • Bloggers who are interested in making travel clips and vlogs;
  • People who are looking for different ideas for photography;
  • Those who need to meditate and relax.

The closest plain of Kalpoosh anemones to Rasht

If you have traveled to Gilan and rented a villa in Rasht, we suggest that you dedicate one morning to the afternoon to the special nature and good weather of Rudbar (Joben village), 66 km from Rasht. This village is located between Rostamabad and Rudbar and is on the road from Rasht to Tehran.

If you are traveling from Tehran to Rasht, you can visit this pristine and heavenly area before entering the center of Gilan and renting a villa in Rasht. Of course, if you decide to stay in this area, it is possible Reserve a forest hutvilla, suite are also available for you.

Joben village has vast plains of Kalpoosh anemones. In order to witness a trip to the Kalpoosh anemones plain of Gilan, it is better to consider the end of April to the end of May for the trip.

Areas of Gilan that have plains of Kalpoosh anemones

As we mentioned, the plain of Kalpoosh anemones is not limited to a specific environment and you can visit such beautiful plains in some areas of Gilan and near Rasht. The following are among the other anemone plains in Gilan. These are:

The plains of Kalpoosh Talash anemones

If you travel to Gilan, it would be a shame not to visit the beautiful areas of Talash. We recommend that you go to these areas before renting a villa in Rasht, and if you don’t want to stay in the plains of Shaggyeg Talash, return to the city center after having fun and sightseeing. We can name the following among the plains of Kalpoosh Talash:

  • Dare Sari Dash Talash (Length)
  • Talash treasure cave
  • Marian Talash villa
  • Areas around Varzan waterfall
  • Lisar’s anemone plain

    Kalposh anemones plain

The plains of Ashgaik Islam

Our suggestion for people who are looking for special photography subjects in Rasht’s Kalpoosh anemone plain is the road from Islam to Khalkhal. This mountainous area is full of wild anemones in the month of May, which multiplies the beauty of the green areas of Gilan. Of course, we must say that wild anemones are not the only tourist attraction of this region, and the favorable weather, environmental beauty and dense forests attract many tourists in all seasons of the year.

Dillman Kalposh anemones plain

It is impossible to travel to Rasht and not hear about Arous Gilan. Dillman is one of the pristine and green areas of Gilan, whose plains of anemones have attracted the attention of many tourists. If you have traveled to Gilan or are planning to travel, dedicate a whole day to visit the plains and unique areas of Dilaman.

Important tips for renting a villa in Rasht

If you are traveling to Rasht and Gilan during the holidays, it is better to decide on your place of residence and rent a villa in Rasht first.

We recommend that you pay attention to the amenities of the villa and choose a place to rent a villa in Rasht that is closer to the sea, mountains, forest and other tourist areas.


In this article, we told you dears about the trip to the plain of Kalpoosh anemones in Rasht and introduced some of these areas and plains. Now, dear ones, with full knowledge, you can travel to the north and rent a villa in Rasht. If you have the experience of traveling to Rasht’s Kalpoosh anemones plain, tell us about your sweet experiences. Where is your suggestion for Dasht Shagaig?

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