A Tesla Model Y crash in China killed a motorcyclist and a high school girl

Tesla, the major American car maker, said in a statement that it is helping Chinese police investigate an accident involving a Model Y car. Chinese local media say that two people were killed and three others were injured when the driver lost control of the Tesla Model Y car.

Based on the writing ReutersA Y model car accident occurred on November 5th (November 14th) in Guangdong (province in southeast China), and as a result, a motorcyclist and a high school girl were killed. The Chinese news agency Jimonews has published a video on social networks in which a model Y car collides with several cars and a motorcyclist at high speed.

In a statement, Tesla asked the public not to believe any rumors: “The police are currently looking for an independent agency to evaluate this incident to find out the truth behind the Model Y accident. “We will proactively provide whatever assistance is needed.”

China is Tesla’s second largest market in the world. The news of the Model Y car accident has become one of the most discussed topics in the Weibo social network in recent hours.

According to the Chinese Traffic Police, the cause of the Tesla car accident in Chaozhou city has not yet been determined. A family member of the 55-year-old driver of the Tesla, who did not want to be identified, said he tried to stop in front of his family’s store but had trouble with the brake pedal.

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Tesla says the videos show that the Model Y’s brake lights did not come on when the car was speeding and, according to the data, there was no attempt to step on the brake pedal during the car’s journey.

Tesla previously faced claims of brake failure in China. In its statement, the company says that a Chinese driver of Tesla cars had previously reported brake problems in a conversation with the media, but later in the court investigation it was found that this person’s claims were not true and that he sought to damage Tesla’s reputation. As a result of this incident, the court declared that the Chinese person should publicly apologize and compensate Tesla. Tesla said that speeding was the cause of the accident in that incident.

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