A slide menu will be added to the Google Messages app soon

Google Messages is the main text messaging app for Android devices. Of course, some Android phone makers prefer to use their own alternative messaging apps. According to 9to5google, various changes have been made to the Google Messenger app over the past few months, and now it looks like another important update is coming.

According to XDA, based on evidence obtained by the 9to5google website, it appears that Google is working on a new side menu for the messaging app. This section looks like the side menu of the Gmail app, with options for switching between all messages, starred messages, archived messages, and spam or blocked messages. In addition, in the new menu of Google Messages, we will see quick access links to pair a new device, change the subject and mark them all as read.

Google Messages side menu

This change in Google Messages is a bit surprising given that Google has moved away from side menus and navigation panels in its other apps. For example, the PlayStation Store added a lower header bar in 2019, and later the side menu was replaced by a smaller window that can be accessed by tapping the profile.

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There are currently only four categories in this menu; So it almost makes sense for Google to add a bottom tab bar to the message. Just like it used to do in the Play Store and its other apps.

The 9to5google website has also found evidence that a new media upload feature for the messaging app is being developed; Ability to upload images and videos directly to the Google Photos service, and instead of inserting the original image in the SMS, a link containing the desired image link will be added to the message. This change is another step towards eliminating some of the most common texting problems.

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