A nursery in the US checks the authenticity of marijuana with blockchain

A nursery in California, USA, that grows chestnuts, has turned to blockchain and smart contracts to validate its medicinal plants. Nursery Mendocino clone It has been created as a result of the collaboration between the EMTRI project and Global Compliance Applications. The nursery uses EMTRI’s blockchain capabilities to issue batch certificates for plant breeding.

Shahdaneh nurseries are institutions that specialize in the field of plant genetics and produce clones, seedlings, and seeds with the aim of mass distribution. According to Mendocino Clooney, the use of blockchain allows the nursery to document “the early stages of the chestnut plant’s journey to becoming a premium product.”

A batch certificate is a type of smart contract that is issued to each batch of nursery clones. This certificate assigns a “Unique Identification Block” to each seed. This block, created by Mendocino Clone, is connected to the Ethereum-based blockchain of this nursery.

The nursery’s customers, which include commercial farms and pharmacies, can verify the clones’ authenticity and genetic lineage using the blockchain-based system. The first round of clones to be sold with a batch certificate will arrive in about three weeks.

Authorized breeders who purchase clones from Mendocino will have access to rewards in the form of EMT tokens (belonging to EMTRI). They will also be able to contribute to the new blockchain project. The EMT token will launch in late 2022 and can be exchanged for USDC on Uniswap. EMT is not listed on any centralized exchange or platforms such as CoinGecko that monitor crypto market data.

The use of crypto for breeding is not a new phenomenon. At the end of last year, a project called Cannaland was launched in Metaverse with the focus of Shahdaneh to create a virtual world for those interested in this medicinal plant.

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