A new Windows 11 feature will soon replace RGB management software

to report digitaltrendsMicrosoft may add a new feature to Windows 11. If you’re a fan of lighting your PC’s interior with various RGB accessories, Microsoft’s new feature will be your favorite.

Leaked screenshots show that Windows 11 may soon allow you to control all the RGB you use in a specific place in the Windows settings and no longer need to use different programs.

People who enjoy a little extra flair in their PC setup know that controlling the lighting can be a bit of a hassle. Different components often require different programs; So, if your keyboard, mouse, and computer case are RGB, you may need several programs to control them. In this case, even synchronizing all RGB devices to reach the peak of beauty is a bad experience.

With this new approach from Microsoft, messing around with RGB becomes much more enjoyable. A user on Twitter has found evidence that Microsoft is working to add a comprehensive and integrated software to control RGB lighting on PCs and other RGB-enabled peripherals to the Microsoft Store. This feature has been seen in the latest build of the trial version of Windows 11.

The leaked screenshots show the interface under the Personalization section of Windows Settings where you can apply your own personalization. Like Stream Deck MK.2 gaming keyboard, ROG Strix mouse and headphones can be seen in this screenshot.

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