A new study reveals the uses of Apple Watch in the treatment of disease

According to a new study conducted by Duke University researchers, The Apple Watch can be used to help treat vascular occlusive crisis (VOC). Vascular occlusion crisis is an important complication that occurs as a result of sickle cell disease and often sends people to the hospital due to severe pain.

to the writing of McRumorsDuke University researchers’ study shows that the use of technology Machine learning for the user’s health data collected by the Apple Watch can find specific signs that can predict the pain of people with sickle cell disease. This prediction appears as a kind of early warning signal and allows treatment with painkillers before the pain becomes more severe.

Duke University researchers monitored sickle cell disease patients for three months and gave each of them a They gave Apple Watch Series 3. 15,683 data recorded by Apple Watch (on heart rate and physical activity) were cross-referenced with pain scores. Finally, using the vital signs data of each patient, the researchers built a type of machine learning model that has the ability to predict the vascular occlusion crisis.

At Another study that by Colin Lee (researcher working at Apple) has been done, it is claimed that applying a series of changes in Apple’s speech recognition algorithm and machine learning technology can help reduce the problems of people with stuttering and reduce sentence interruptions and errors in the way words are pronounced to an extent of approx. reduce by 80%.

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