A million dollar fine for using WhatsApp!

Morgan Stanley, an American investment company, has fined some of its employees for using WhatsApp and iMessage for corporate communication. The cost of some of these fines exceeds one million dollars. Morgan Stanley has stated in its rules that the use of regular messengers for business communication is prohibited.

The publication Financial Times In a report, it is written that the fine of Morgan Stanley employees will be deducted from the previous bonuses or wages that are going to be paid to these people in the future. Morgan Stanley has previously been forced to pay millions of dollars in fines to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for using instant messengers for business purposes.

Last year, the SEC fined major banks and brokerages a total of $1.8 billion for their employees’ use of private messaging apps and failure to save work messages.

Morgan Stanley was among the companies fined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission and eventually paid more than 200 million dollars to this organization.

In 2020, a major security breach occurred in the company due to the use of private messengers by two senior employees of Morgan Stanley. The two employees in question were eventually fired.

In an effort to crack down on employees who violate company rules through the use of private messengers, Morgan Stanley is considering fines ranging from a few thousand dollars to more than a million dollars. The amount of the fine is based on a special system that takes into account factors such as the number of messages sent and the position of the employee in the company.

Banning the use of personal messengers such as WhatsApp and iMessage is a temporary solution, an analyst says, and employees will eventually switch to a service that is more popular and easier to use.

Employees of financial companies were forced to work remotely during the Corona epidemic, and the use of messaging services increased dramatically. Since most investors were busy using WhatsApp and similar examples, employees also went to these messengers.

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