A member of parliament: The president’s complaint about the state of the Internet is to run away

“The president’s complaining and criticism of the Minister of Communications regarding the problems and slowness of the Internet is considered a form of running forward, because these events and restrictions of the last few months happened based on the approvals of the council, which the president is at the head of, and in such a situation that They themselves are critics, where should we follow up on the internet situation?” These sentences are the words of Gholamreza Nouri Qazaljeh, MP.

He is referring to the words of the head of the 13th government in the meeting of the government board on Sunday, in which the head, considering the widespread use of virtual space in the lives and business of the people, asked the minister of communications to address the concerns of the people in the field of slow speed and other existing problems. Follow up and fix it immediately.

These words were said while the restrictions are the result of the “approvals” of the council, which is chaired by the president himself.

In an interview with Sitna, MP Nouri Qazalje directed his attack on the state of the internet towards the government and criticized the current state of the internet in the country.

Regarding the President’s mission to the Minister of Communications to address people’s concerns regarding slow internet speed, he said: “We in the Joint Commission of the Parliament Security Plan did not approve the plan for the protection of cyberspace due to the imposition of restrictions on the country’s Internet, because we are seeking to improve the situation. We were on the Internet, but unfortunately after that, part of the protection plan was approved in the decision of the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space, which was about the formation of a regulatory commission, and the official channel was opened to apply Internet restrictions.

A member of the Joint Commission on the Security Plan of the Parliament while criticizing the state of the Internet said: “Following the recent events in the country, additional restrictions were imposed on the Internet and virtual space, and now that the situation has normalized, we have repeatedly requested the relevant officials to improve the Internet or At least they should return to the situation three months ago, but unfortunately, our request has not been answered so far.”

Nouri Qazaljeh added: “We expect and hope that the relevant authorities will improve the internet situation because in this situation, people have suffered a lot of losses and businesses have suffered serious damage, and on the other hand, mobile phone operators have also gone to the verge of bankruptcy.”

He noted: “We do not expect to receive updated, cheap and improved internet like other countries in the world. Our only request is that they provide people with access to the internet at the same price and quality as before.”

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