A major achievement by a Chinese company makes smart glasses possible

The new lights allow the tiny 1 gram Hummingbird projector to deliver 5 lumens output while consuming just 200mW of power. The aforementioned 640 x 480 pixel projector can provide a brightness of more than 1,000 nits using waveguide optical lenses.

JBD says that the low intensity of exposure of red lights has been the most difficult problem facing the MicroLED industry. This makes the 1,000,000 nits brightness of the new JBD lamp an impressive achievement.

The Chinese company JBD says that AlGaInP (Aluminum Gallium Indium Phosphide) is used in its new lights. The important point is that more exposure is provided compared to before without the need to consume more energy. JBD’s achievement will play a prominent role in the improvement of television and monitors.

Analysts believe that the market for MicroLED panels will become much larger in the coming years. According to rumors, Apple is seriously considering adding a MicroLED panel to the Apple Watch, iPhone, and MacBook.

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