A look at TCL’s Google TVs

It should be noted that according to the global OMDIA report, the TCL brand managed to win the first rank of Android smart TVs in 2022.

Features of TCL TV and Google TV

Now the question is, what are the features of TCL Google TV? TCL Google TVs from the C series that entered the Iranian market in 2022, for example Google TV, TCL C635i model, they offer you a set of world-class facilities and technologies. In this way, you can have a universal Google TV in your home at a reasonable price.

Features of Google TV TCL TVs

With TCL TVs equipped with Google TV, you can create a watch list. At the same time as using the Google user interface, you can experience 4K image quality in panels equipped with QLED technology.

In general, the features of Google TVCL TVs are:

• Google TV user interface

• Android 11 operating system

• UHD 4K image quality with 4 times more resolution than Full HD

• QLED or quantum dot technology support to provide the most realistic colors

• Simultaneous use of two HDR10+/Dolby vision technologies to increase the depth and color of images

• Reducing image vibration with MEMC technology

• Presentation of cinematic multi-dimensional sound with Japanese ONKYO brand speaker and DOLBY ATMOS technology

• 120Hz refresh rate with 120HZ.DLG technology

• Equipped with WIFI Screen Mirror function to connect mobile phone to TV

• 16 GB of internal memory and 2 GB of RAM

• Has one USB.02 port, one USB.03 port and three HDMI ports

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