A look at Ramsinks from 2016 to today

Currency diversity and deposit and withdrawal networks: In addition to increasing the number of cryptocurrencies and markets, in 2019, Ramsinks tried to complete the product by working on different cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal networks. Today, the diversity of different currency networks has made the transfer cost lower and the transaction time faster. On the other hand, Remsinks covers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies in its P2P platform and their number is added every day. Buying and selling in this collection is possible with both Rial and Tether.

Development of trading tools: Another advantage of Ramsinks is the use of trading tools that help the user to facilitate things. So that users don’t need to worry about the sharp rise or fall of the price like in the past. In fact, with the development of these tools, the risk of transactions is reduced. With the help of trading tools such as Stop Loss limit, Take profit limit and OCO conditional transactions, Remsink offers the possibility to perform transactions automatically in sync with international exchanges. In other words, it is not necessary for traders to monitor the market continuously and trades are opened and closed automatically.

Gift code: Remsinks gift card is a modern gift that keeps up with the growth of digital technology in the world, with which you can gift your beloved digital currency to those you love. This gift card can be transferred both physically and virtually.

code box; Innovative product for the first time in Iran

The behavior of traders in the cryptocurrency market is sometimes accompanied by excitement, which does not bring any particular logic. Ramsinks is for those users who want to be more controlled and behave with low-risk financial management and be less affected by the ups and downs of the market. Remsbox index portfolio was launched as an innovative product in the Iranian cryptocurrency market by Remsink. This basket, which can be traded as an index tradable basket in Ramsinks exchange for all users, contains the top 10 cryptocurrencies of the market, which are weighted according to their market value.

The working mechanism of Ramshbox: As mentioned, Ramshbox is a basket consisting of the top 10 digital currencies in the market. These currencies are weighted based on their market value in this basket. For example, if 40% of the market value of the top 10 global cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin, then the weight of Bitcoin in each unit of Cryptocurrency will be 40%. In fact, currencies are in proportion to dominance. They are weighted in the code box. By purchasing the trading symbol of Rambox, you have easily created a low-risk investment portfolio of the top 10 currencies in the market, and you will no longer need to buy and maintain individual cryptocurrencies.

Rebalancing: Due to momentary price fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market, as the price of currencies changes, their dominance also undergoes momentary changes. For example, if Ethereum’s dominance is 18% today, it may be dominated by price changes. It will reach 19% the next day. Cryptocurrency adjuster bots are tasked with resetting asset weights on a daily basis to assure users that asset weights will match the asset’s dominance in the cryptocurrency market each day.

Marketing: Due to the importance of liquidity of assets in the financial world, the trading robots of Ramshbox are responsible for managing the market of Ramshbox at any moment by registering various orders, so that every user can buy this basket without worrying about the possibility of liquidating the units of Ramshbox.

Comparing the return of Ramshbox with some other assets: Ramshbox was introduced at the beginning of August 1401, and in the period of more than 6 months until February 15th 1401, it recorded a return of 54%. This is despite the fact that the yield of the dollar during this period was about 41%.

Relying on an expert and young team

All this path has been covered by the efforts of Ramsinks young team. The initial core of the formation of Ramsinks was less than 10 graduates of Sharif University of Technology, and in 1400, with the development and expansion of products and service quality in line with the goals of Ramsinks, the number of personnel increased significantly, and then the human resources team expanded at the end of August 1400. and started working as a cohesive team. After a year and a half of the expansion of this team, along with the improvement of many internal processes of the organization, it has seen a growth of more than 350% in the number of personnel, and according to this report, more than 50% of the recruitment of personnel has been done in 1401.

Another work done in Ramsinks human resources team is the training of personnel to increase their capabilities, also maintaining human resources is very important and it has been tried to achieve these goals in the human resources team by using different programs. The average age of personnel in Ramsinks is 26 years old, and this important point shows the company’s general policy in the field of human capital in the form of youth.

Support aimed at user satisfaction

One of these young teams is the support team, which started its work at the same time as the start of Ramsinks activity, and until today, this team has 50 support staff. During these years, “shortening users’ waiting time”, “increasing satisfaction” and “better user experience”, “reducing the number of unanswered questions” were among the works of this young team.

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