A desktop version of the DuckDuckGo browser is under construction

Dakadako search engine competes with Google and Bing to improve privacy; But the company’s activities slowly expanded to other sectors. Dakadogo has developed a browser for the smartphone of the same name, which has important features such as privacy and the ability to filter email messages. It now looks like DuckDuckGo is finally planning to release a smartphone browser for desktop users as well; Of course, you will probably have to wait longer to access the desktop version.

According to the XDA, Dakadako announced in a summary of its annual activity report that it is working on a desktop web browser so that the mobile version of the service, previously available for both Android and iOS, will be available to PC users. Dakudako said in part of his annual report:

As we released Dakudakogo for smartphones, our desktop version will redefine user expectations of online privacy. Powerful privacy can be exercised by using Dakodako without applying complex settings and misleading alerts, as well as without having to define different access levels; Feature that is available by default in search, web browsing, email and more. Dakudako is not a privacy browser; This service is actually a daily web browsing app that respects your privacy, as it will prevent companies from spying on your web browsing and browsing history.

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The DuckDuckGo desktop browser, like most popular web browsers including Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge and Brave, is not based on Chromium (the open source version of Google Chrome). Dakudako instead uses the rendering engine provided by the host operating system; The DuckDuckGO browser will use WebView2 on Windows and WebKit on Mac OS.

Dakadako has stated that the results of the initial tests of the web version of this browser show that it is much faster than Chrome. Dokadakogo will not be responsible for providing security patches as it uses the operating system rendering engine. In addition, Dakudaku, like Chrome, will not provide many features to the user.

DuckDuckGo does not specify a specific time frame for publishing your desktop browser; Of course, Dakudakogo has published a post on his official Twitter account in this regard, which we will review below:

The web version of Dakudako will probably not be available until 2022.

Microsoft Edge is now set as the default Windows browser, and the Brave browser will continue to operate in the margins; Of course, in the meantime we have Firefox, which offers good synchronization between the desktop and mobile versions, which is why Firefox is now the main choice of many users; Of course, Dakakogo’s core privacy feature is one of the most important features that many users are looking for today.

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