80% of jobs will be affected by artificial intelligence

OpenAI, the company behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT, statistics about the jobs affected artificial intelligence has published and these statistics are alarming at first glance. Using the new language model GPT-4 and the opinion of experts, OpenAI researchers have examined the impact of artificial intelligence models on jobs in the US market.

The OpenAI researchers emphasize that their new research is not an accurate prediction of the future, but say that GPT language models will affect at least 10 percent of the work activities of 80 percent of the U.S. workforce. Meanwhile, it has been estimated that these artificial intelligence models will affect more than 50% of work activities of 19% of employees.

A new research paper written by OpenAI and OpenResearch staff and members of the University of Pennsylvania examines the extent to which work activities are exposed to artificial intelligence. What they mean by exposure to artificial intelligence is whether access to GPT-based systems can reduce the time required to perform tasks by at least 50% or not.

OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model, after reviewing the data, announced that 86 jobs in the United States are fully exposed to artificial intelligence. This does not mean that the jobs in question can be completely replaced by AI, but rather that employees can perform a significant portion of their tasks much faster than before thanks to GPT.

In contrast to the GPT-4 model, human experts estimated that 15 occupations are fully exposed to artificial intelligence, including mathematicians, tax preparers, financial analysts, writers, and web and digital interface designers. From the point of view of human experts, other jobs such as survey researchers, translators, public relations specialists and animal scientists will be exposed to artificial intelligence up to 80%.

The GPT-4 language model lists other occupations such as accountants, news analysts and reporters and journalists, administrative assistants and legal secretaries, clinical information managers and climate change policy analysts as occupations that are fully exposed to artificial intelligence. Other jobs like engineers Blockchain is also one of the things that will be more than 90% exposed to artificial intelligence.

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