7 books with impressive narratives that must be read

The effect of living in place of several people can completely change our life and make us a new person. The effect of the lived experience that we will gain by reading different books is well visible in our lives. We list some books and Readable and influential magazines We have brought it here for you so that you can change your life through it.

inner journey

Osho’s Inner Journey book is a collection of Osho’s sayings collected in book form. In this book you will learn the correct method of meditation. According to Osho The most important part of the body is neither the brain nor the heart, but the most important part of the body is the navel. It is the first part of the body that is formed and the body feeds from it. When you are afraid and panic attacks you, the first part that trembles is the stomach. When you are happy, you first feel warmth in this area. If you look at a baby who is sleeping, you will notice that he breathes with his stomach and the baby’s stomach moves up and down during sleep. We gradually learn to breathe with the chest. When we run or are stressed, the chest rises and falls. Abdominal breathing is one of the most important things that affect self-confidence and body relaxation.

Osho says that man is naturally full of anger. We are looking for a spark to take this anger out on someone. Look at people, how they argue and make each other angry. By belly breathing and strengthening your navel, you can control your anger. Osho’s Inner Journey book is one of the best and most influential books that can influence your life. To buy online this book and other types of books that we mention here You can visit Digikala website.

The dark half of existence


The Dark Half of Being by Debbie Ford teaches you how to breathe new life into your being. In this book, you will learn how to love yourself in any situation. Gustav Jung has raised various issues in psychology by presenting the keyword shadow. Man should accept that he is the owner of all the good and bad things and he should have a new look at himself. Man should not differentiate between himself and others in good and bad and be sure that all people are the same. In fact, man must accept himself with all the darkness of his existence. If in the middle of reading you feel that the amount of facts in this book is too much for you, ask yourself why you did not expect these qualities in yourself. Keep practicing and build a better life by accepting who you are.

  • It all starts in the shadow: we and others are constantly messing with the light half of our being. This makes a part of us go to the shadow. These qualities that are repressed by ourselves or others go to the dark side of our being. In fact, we become two pieces. We are constantly thinking about what others are saying about us. We are constantly hiding ourselves behind masks and this is tearing us apart. We are united from birth to youth, but when we get older, we are divided by the faults that others put on us. This book will teach you how to express yourself, and when you start expressing yourself, you will feel light and calm.

a gift


The gift is probably one of Spencer Johnson’s most precious gifts to us. This little book is more like a life journal than a book. Small but useful and concise. In this book, we learn how to make the most of the present time. Live in the present world. As a child, our whole life was good and calm and nothing made us worry. We didn’t think about the future and we were in the present. When we did something or played, we used to spend the utmost love and interest, and this was the reason for our good mood as children. When we grow older, constantly thinking about the future makes us forget about the present and not be in a good mood or become a prisoner of anxiety. This book is a good training for all human beings to return to the present more easily and live in the now. A small book at a reasonable price that will change your mood.


Although many critics have criticized this book, the secret is a book with valuable points. This book is very important and effective because it strengthens our imagination. In fact, by reading the secret book, we learn how to think purposefully and we also learn to categorize our goals. It is a bit impossible that it is said in the secret that everything is only imagination. When you use imagination, you have to plan and try to achieve your goal. You will never achieve anything without taking steps and effort, and effort will be the key to your success. This book can change your life due to the presence of influential people and real experiences, and the only condition for your success is to be practical and hardworking.

There are many books in the field of personal psychology that can help you improve your personal and professional life. Here we have briefly explained the selection of influential books for you. Reading the book will help you live a better life.

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