$329 billion increase in value of Nvidia from the beginning of 2023 due to demand for artificial intelligence

In the last four months, Nvidia’s market value has skyrocketed. In fact, from the beginning of 2023 until now, the market value of the green team has grown by more than 94%, and the main reason for this is probably the increase in demand in the field of It is artificial intelligence. Although artificial intelligence is not a new form of technology, since late last year and when OpenAI chatbot Unveiled ChatGPT, this technology has been in the limelight all over the world.

Microsoft also tries to take a share of this market by integrating the ChatGPT framework with the Bing search engine and Google by introducing the Bard chatbot. ChatGPT, Google Bard, Microsoft’s new Bing and any other chatbots need a lot of computing power and artificial intelligence training and accelerators to provide services to users, and Nvidia graphics cards provide the processing power required for such projects.

Researchers have estimated ChatGPT needs 30,000 Nvidia A100 graphics processors to respond to user requests, the price of each unit is between 10,000 and 15,000 dollars. This means that Nvidia has achieved an income of 300 million dollars just by providing the processing power needed by ChatGPT.

Considering what has been said, the increase in the value of Nvidia’s stock is not surprising. On April 19, 2023, the total value of the company was announced at approximately $690 billion, which means that it has added $329 billion to its value this year alone.

Market value is not the only factor that is considered to evaluate the company’s performance; Of course, when we look at organizations on a macro scale, this criterion is very important. The value of company shares can fluctuate quickly and show a different figure every day; But general trends in company values ​​can provide good insight into their health.

to report Windows Central, the value per share of Nvidia reached $329.85 in November 2021 and then decreased to $112.27 in October 2022. At the end of last year, the value per share of this company increased to $146.12 with a relative increase. Now, due to the increasing interest of the world public in artificial intelligence, the shares of Team Sabz have reached $270.64.

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