300 projects were defined to launch the National Information Network

According to Zomit, Issa Azarpour announced in a televised interview tonight (February 5) that since the beginning of his ministry in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, he has used all the capacities of this ministry to realize the national information network as the country’s cyberspace development infrastructure. He referred to the formation of a council called the National Information Network Development Steering Council and said:

There is a council in the ministry called the National Information Network Development Steering Council, which is all responsible for itself and all deputies are members of the council. Different meetings are held every week. More than 300 large and small projects have been planned for the implementation of the national information network, and we monitor their progress on a weekly basis.

According to him, the National Information Network was defined for the first time last year in the Supreme Council of Cyberspace in September and it was determined what the National Information Network is: Which has identified 53 major tasks for different agencies and about 40 tasks should be performed by the Ministry of Communications or have direct cooperation with other agencies in this field. “We have eaten the same 40 tasks and it has turned into 300 micro-projects and several mega-projects that are followed on a weekly basis.”

In response to the host’s question about what will happen with the launch of the national information network, he said:

If I want to explain the national information network very simply to my compatriots and what happens when it is launched, I must say that the national information network and all the projects that are being carried out are in two parts. In fact, the national information network has two main wings. Its first wing is a high-speed and quality network throughout the country. The horizon defined for us in this field is 1404; But we try to shorten this time as much as we can. This is a very big project that we can solve the problem that is the concern of many users these days, which is the speed of the Internet.

According to him, the second wing of the national information network is the service wing, which provides various types of services to the people on this high-speed network, one of which is e-government services. Zarehpour emphasizes that they are looking for a high-speed network to achieve the goal of both wings. He declares that all they are trying to do is to set up a high-speed fiber-optic network all over the country.

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