3 ways to bluetooth car recording (video tutorial)

first stage: Insert its socket into the car lighter to turn it on.

second stage: Now the FM wave number will be displayed on the screen and the Bluetooth connection will be available. Connect to it through the phone’s Bluetooth.

third level: Select a free frequency, for example, set the frequency to 87.5.

The fourth stage: Set the car radio to the same frequency and play your song from the phone to be transferred to the FM player by Bluetooth and play by recording using the FM transmitter of this device and you can enjoy listening to music.

Bluetoothing the car recorder in different ways creates differences in the type of user and interaction with the music playback. For example, in Bluetooth connection with USB, it is often possible to control the process of playing, stopping, changing songs, etc. from the car recorder; But in connection with This is not possible with the AUX cable.

Additionally, FM radios will have performance limitations unlike Bluetooth connections via USB; But, in general, getting rid of changing the playlist of songs on a flash drive or CD and having the option of instantly downloading a song and playing it with a car recorder is an advantage that will be satisfactory to achieve by any means.

Of course, don’t forget that the Bluetooth receiver or the same Bluetooth dongle that you connect to the recorder via USB may not be recognized by the recorder in some cases.

Therefore, considering that various brands produce these parts, it is not possible to give any general opinion about them, and the best thing is to test the models in question before buying.

Finally, another method can be considered for listening to music in the car through a Bluetooth connection, which is not officially related to making the car recording Bluetooth; But it presents a scenario that may not only be a trigger for some people, but also be considered more because of the possibility of portability.

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