2022 will be a big year for space exploration

The mission to Mars and Jupiter, and even Texas, are part of a new wave of space exploration that has been delayed due to the expansion of Covid. The European Space Agency and other organizations were forced to postpone many of their programs due to the globalization of Kuwait; But in 2022, space research will return to its previous path, and we will see a Mars rover landing on the Red Planet, sending a satellite to study Jupiter and its moons, and a space telescope to discover evidence of dark matter and energy. Also, four people on Earth volunteer to live 12 months in the same conditions as Mars.

Alpha Martian Base

The dwelling, built with 3D printing technology that simulates Martian life, will be built in 2022 in the Texas deserts of the United States. The residence was built by Bjarke Ingels Architects and developed in collaboration with NASA. The purpose of this residence is to prepare humans for life on Mars.

In this simulation, four people will live and work in a 158-square-meter station for twelve months, and will face a series of problems such as equipment breakdowns and environmental problems. The data collected from this mission will help NASA plan for a real Mars mission.

Alpha Martian Base

Exomars Mission

The Exomars mission was scheduled to take place in 2020; But due to the birth of Covid 19 was postponed until 2022. On this mission, a British rover named Rosalyn Franklin and the Russian surface platform Kazachuk will be sent to the Red Planet. The European Space Agency (ESA) will use a proton rocket to launch surface-to-surface and Mars rovers in late September 2022. The astronaut will arrive on Mars in June 2023 after a nine-month voyage.

In search of evidence of Mars’s past life, the Exomars rover drills the surface of the planet and drills and collects subsurface specimens. They then analyze the astronaut’s set of pastor tools to look for biological signs of Martian soil. Exo-Mars will be the first Mars rover to be able to move on the surface while exploring subsurface soil.

Exomars Mission


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Jupiter’s moon moon probe (JUICE) will be launched in 2022 as part of the European Space Agency’s cosmic vision program. The mission of this probe is to study the three moons of Jupiter, namely Ganymede and Callisto and Europe, and to better understand their life capabilities. These three moons are thought to have subsurface liquid water. JUICE will reach Jupiter in orbit in 2031 and no definite opinion can be given until then. In 2032, the spacecraft will become the first spacecraft to orbit extrasolar planets.

Juice probe


The Euclidean Infrared Space Telescope will help scientists gain a better understanding of dark matter and energy by accurately measuring the shape of galaxies at different distances from Earth. This telescope shows why the universe is expanding so fast and will find out why.

Euclid Telescope

Launched from the Guyana Space Center in the second half of 2022 by the Soyuz ST-B rocket, the telescope will be located at Lagrangian point L2, 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

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