12 Scary Legends from Canada: Scary urban myths and legends from the land of nations

In 2010, two women were walking with their dog near the home of a tribe of Canadian aborigines called the Ujikari in northwestern Ontario when they came to a lake known as Big Trout Lake. They had not reached a few steps from the lake when their dog barked and later they realized that he had discovered the carcass of a strange animal in the pond. Some locals who live near Big Trout Lake believe that what was discovered that day was actually the remains of an Omajinaakoos or “ugly monster”. Local people believe that the discovery of the carcass of this animal is a sign of an impending disaster.

Reports from people living around Big Trout Lake that they have seen Emaginakos go back decades. In the reports, people said that they saw a creature in the marshy areas that was eating the water dog. This creature usually escapes from being seen by humans, when it is seen, it is a bad omen for a person. The two women who had seen the carcass of the animal could not find it again later, and therefore, it is speculated that the carcass of the animal may have returned to the stream or that it was eaten by scavengers.

Many experts and enthusiasts reviewed the photos of the carcass. Some speculate that what the two women saw that day may have been the remains of a mink, horribly decomposed in the water. Whatever it really was, the large trout lake monster that was pulled from the stream bed fueled a plethora of horror stories and legends about Omajinacus.

Nakani, wild men

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