10 photos and videos that prove time travel has happened!

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Humans have longed for time travel in their minds. Until now, various scientists have researched and tested the problem of proving time travel, but they have not yet reached a convincing answer that can bring us one step closer to building a time travel device.

In 1905, the theory of special relativity was first introduced by Albert Einstein Was raised. But at that point in history, the realization that any massive object in the universe could scientifically time travel seemed a little far-fetched. But the modern man is more flexible in understanding such a concept.

Stephen Hawking In the book “A Brief History of Time” he raises an interesting question:

If time travel is possible, where are the future tourists?

Even this famous physicist organized a party for time travelers. The banner read “Welcome Time Travelers”. Unfortunately, no one came to Hawking’s party! It is true that Hawking was unable to meet time travelers during his lifetime, but there are documents that have led some to believe that time travel is real.

In this article, we do not intend to prove whether time travel is scientifically possible or not. Rather, we intend to examine the images and videos that have confused many people so far. From the woman talking on her smartphone in Charlie Chaplin’s movie to the Greek statue with a laptop inside. Maybe they can Evidence of time travel.

To see Proof of time travel, stay with Zomit until the end of this article.

Hipster traveler

A person who is seen in today's clothes among people

The debate about the man seen in this photo in what appears to be a modern outfit is still ongoing.

This photo was taken in 1941 during the reopening of the South Fork Bridge in British Columbia. If you look carefully, on the right you can see a man in unusual clothes (modern clothes). While most people are wearing hats and jackets, he is wearing sunglasses and sports clothes.

Many argue that he was a time traveller, while others say he was just a man who understood fashion ahead of his time.

It should be noted that after this story was published in 2011, many netizens pointed out that the man’s style of sunglasses was fashionable in the 1920s, and while he appears to be wearing a t-shirt, he may be wearing an ice hockey jacket with a logo on it. It is sewn on.

A mummy with Adidas linen

Mummy with items discovered from it

A few years ago, a mummy was discovered by archaeologists in Mongolia. From the very beginning, some pointed out the similarity of his shoes to Adidas sneakers. By examining the body, it was found that it dates back to about 1100 years ago.

Researchers at the Mongolian Cultural Heritage Center now believe that she was an “ordinary” woman and not an aristocrat. This mummy was most likely the wife of a Turkish tailor. A bag, mirror, comb, knife and some other things were also discovered among his belongings. The researchers said in a conversation with the Siberian Times:

It is possible that the impact marks on the mummy’s facial bones are the cause of her death.

The images show the leather boots with red and black stripes and metal buckles, which researchers describe as “very modern”.

The Time Traveler in Charlie Chaplin’s movie

It is true that in our list The CCTV footage of time travel does not exist, but one of the most famous works of the world of cinema is included in it.

The movie “Circus” by Charlie Chalin was released in 1928. But among all the stories, one scene years later caught the attention of George Clarke, an Irish filmmaker. He thought that one of the characters in Chaplin’s movie was actually a time traveler.

The scene in question shows a woman (or man) in a long black coat walking down the street, seemingly holding something to her ear. It is as if he is holding a mobile phone and talking with it.

Maybe this person is actually using the phone. But experts have pointed out that the first portable hearing aids were made around this time. As a result, it seems that the mentioned person is using the same device.

A 150-year-old painting of a time traveler

The Expected One painting

The iPhone was invented in 2007, but the popular device may have been brought back in time thanks to a time traveler. The strange theory of time travel was formed because of a painting called The Expected One, which was painted by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller in 1860.

The work is currently on display at the Neue Pinakothek in Munich, Germany, alongside other paintings from the era, but curious viewers have discovered something strange in the painting: an iPhone.

This 150-year-old painting depicts a young woman engrossed in looking at something in her hands, while a young man looks on and waits for her to present him with a flower.

Many believe that she is reading a book, but in the eyes of a modern person, this young girl seems to be checking her smartphone.

Peter Russell, a retired local government officer in Glasgow, was the first person to discover such a problem in Waldmüller’s painting. He says about this:

What caught my attention the most is how much the change in technology has changed the interpretation of painting and somehow transformed its entire texture.

A time traveler in World War II

A picture of a crowd in Iceland during the World War

A photograph showing a scene of downtown Reykjavík in 1943. A crowd of locals were walking along the sidewalk on Austurstræti (a street that became a square in the 1940s). But there was something in this picture that attracted the attention of many. The photo appears to show a man talking on a cell phone. Some believe that time travelers have visited Iceland in the past.

This photo was taken at the corner of Lækjargata and Austurstræti streets. The suspect passenger of our story is seen next to a shop window.

This image, which can be considered one of the historical time travel photos, was shared by Christian Hoffman in a Facebook group. The aforementioned work, which has been in the possession of the Christian family for several decades, was recorded in 1943 at the height of World War II. This issue clearly shows that the city was occupied by the allied forces at that time.

There were many discussions on Facebook around this photo. At first, some people said that it seems that the mobile phone was first invented in Iceland. But when Bobby Mortens, one of Iceland’s most popular pop stars, pointed out that the photo could actually be one of Evidence of time travel has changed many people’s views.

Local newspaper DV published the story and asked readers to have their say on the matter. Only a quarter of those who participated in the survey believed that this man is a time traveler. Most of them seemed to believe that he was scratching his ear.

A woman in ancient Greece with a laptop

A statue of a woman sitting facing another person

Not long ago, an image of a statue was published in the cyberspace, which some people believed showed time travel. The said statue shows a woman who seems to be using a laptop. Yes, you read it right, a laptop!

The sculpture “Enthroned Entombed Woman with an Attendant” is on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, California and was used as a funerary marker in 100 BC.

Standing just over 37 inches tall, the statue depicts a woman seated on a throne-like chair, while a young servant opens a thin case for her inspection. In 2014, a video on the YouTube channel Still Speaking Out claimed that the object could be proof of time travel.

Some believe that the object in the statue must be a jewelry box or something similar, but conspiracy theorists disagree and believe that the object in the hands of the person on the left is actually a laptop. Even the holes on the side are USB ports according to these people.

Time traveler with phone in hand

It seems that time travelers are very interested in carrying smartphones to the past! 10 years after Charlie Chaplin’s movie, another video was released in which something similar to a phone can be seen.

This clip dates back to 1938. The woman in it appears to be talking on a cell phone or similar device. It is certain that such a device was not available at that time.

Watching the clip, you will notice a woman in the crowd as if she is holding something next to her ear. It even seems that he quickly removes the device from his ear when he sees the camera.

A passenger at the World Cup celebration

The champion of the world cup is holding the cup in his hands

The World Cup celebration itself is full of stories and memories, now imagine that someone from the future came to capture a picture of the happy scene.

If you pay close attention to the crowd of reporters and photographers trying to get close to Ramos, you might see something that doesn’t quite fit. In the lower middle of the image, a device can be seen in the hands of one of the people, which looks suspiciously like a flip phone. Even this object has caught the attention of the hero player because he is looking directly at it. Of course, it is possible that the device in the hands of this person is a camera.

time surfer

A person in modern clothes is sitting among people in old clothes

As we said in another item on the list, sometimes there is a person in the crowd who does not dress like the others, and this makes some people think that he is a time traveler. The picture you see also has the same story.

This image dates back to more than 100 years ago and shows a number of Canadians dressed in stylish clothes and sitting on the side of a hill.

But on the left, a young man in a t-shirt and shorts with disheveled hair is sitting. He quickly became known as the Time Traveler Surfer due to his unusual attire. Some even say that the people in the photo are surprised to see his clothes, and even a woman on the right side of the picture is pointing at him.

Travel of famous characters in time

One of the strangest things that can be found on the Internet as proof of time travel is a photo of a famous person from years ago. Sometimes these people are so similar that it is impossible to hide such a problem. In the following, we will examine some examples of them.

Nicolas Cage's resemblance to someone in the past

The picture on the left belongs to the famous actor Nicolas Cage, and many believe that the picture on the right also belongs to him! The old image you see was posted on eBay, claiming to be proof that the actor can travel through time.

John Travolta's resemblance to someone in the past

This photo of actor John Travolta was also published on the internet. Aside from the time travel discussion, this image could indicate that John has some very strong genes in his family. If not, then he’s some kind of vampire or some other mythical creature. In any case, this photo is considered strange, it does not matter if it is evidence of time travel or not!

Could Greta Thunberg be a time traveler sent from the future to save humanity from the unfolding climate crisis? A group of Twitter users seems to think so after discovering a photo of a young gold miner in Klondike that looks a lot like the Swedish activist.

The similarity of the environmental activist to a person in the past

The published image shows three children working in a gold mine in Canada’s Yukon Territory in 1989. This work is part of an extensive collection by documentary photographer Eric Hague. One of the children, with his long braided hair, strangely resembles this environmental activist.

A photo of three children working in the past tense

None of the children in the photo are named, which makes it difficult to identify them. Only the date and place are known. Nevertheless, this picture depicts the harsh reality that many families faced in their frantic search for gold.

A picture of a crowd in Iceland during the World War

As the last option, let’s go to a person who strangely resembles one of the current TV celebrities. In this picture, Mahir Kayan, the leader of the Marxist-Leninist revolution who was born in 1946 and died in 1972, looks a lot like TV star Jimmy Fallon.

last word

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Finally, it must be said that some of these photos may not be proof of time travel, but their mysteriousness cannot be denied. In addition to the pictures, some people claim to have traveled through time, so that’s something to think about, but it’s certainly not easy to believe.

Finding strange objects and carvings of items from the future may be the most frightening evidence possible of time travel. These 10 photos are certainly not the first or the last to hint at the phenomenon of time travel.

Maybe one day in the future The concept of time travel was fully understood by humans and technology advanced so much that it became like traveling between different countries.

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