10 of the best programming language learning programs

The best programming training apps help you learn coding on the go and master programming in your spare time. A learning to code app is a great way to gain valuable knowledge that can open your way to a vibrant and lucrative job market.

In this article, we have compiled a complete list of the best free and paid programming apps. These programs teach you how to code through interactive exercises, lesson plans, and even real-time feedback and guidance. Of course, you should note that you need to know English to learn with these apps; We suggest you visit the articles on the best English language teaching apps and English language teaching podcasts.

The best programming apps for Android and iOS

Almost all coding programs are free to download, but we’ve noted products that have in-app purchases or premium subscriptions.

Most programming apps include lessons for multiple programming languages. Many of these applications integrate with a broader web portal. When deciding on the best programming learning apps, look for the following:

  • Support Learn the language you want
  • LessonTheAdjustable that matches your schedule
  • Motivational tools Like competitive teams
  • Learning strategy That is useful for you

Some people learn only by reading. But others need interaction and tests. Knowing your learning style will help you find the right app.

Now let’s go to the best coding apps for Android and iOS.

The best applications for teaching programming

1. application Grasshopper

The best free choice for beginners who want to learn more about the basics of programming.

The best applications for teaching programming-grasshopper.

Download: Android | iOS

Grasshopper is a complete coding program for beginners that teaches its users the basics of programming with a series of fun and fluid games. With the help of Grasshopper, programmers will learn how to generate real JavaScript in an attractive and fun way. Programmers can continuously improve their skills through real-time feedback and a comprehensive lesson plan.

It’s completely free to use and even awards you certificates as you progress through the course. The app focuses on visual puzzles to explain concepts and provides real-time feedback. If you need help staying focused, the app’s daily reminders make sure you never miss a day.


  • Visual puzzle
  • Coding practice
  • Feedback in real time
  • Free

2. application Encode

The best choice for Full-Stack developers.

The best programming training applications-encode

Download: Android | iOS

Learn to code with this self-paced tutorial. Encode is a simple, no-frills app that offers short tutorials (think of it as TikTok vs. YouTube), an intuitive interface, and users can learn Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS; Everything you need to know to become a full stack developer. If you don’t want to waste your time on possible problems with connecting to the World Wide Web, you can download the lessons offline. There are also exercises, but you have to pay for them.


  • Self-paced tutorials
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Coding challenges
  • Cost: Free (premium version available)

3. application Enki

Best option for future data scientists who want to learn programming as well.

The best applications for teaching programming-enki

Download: Android | iOS

If you are interested in coding and data science skills, Enki is the best coding app. This coding program offers lessons in coding, data science, and general technical skills for all levels through coding challenges, interactive quizzes, and an extensive content library.

Data science is one of the fastest growing fields. Jobs in data science are expected to grow by 28% by 2026.


  • Strong content library
  • Coding playground
  • Coach review
  • Free (in-app purchases)

4. application DataCamp

Best option for future data scientists who want to learn with short lessons.

The best programming training applications - datacamp

Download: Android | iOS

DataCamp is another option for those who want to learn more about data science. This program focuses on data science programming languages ​​and tools such as R, Python, and SQL. DataCamp is a great program for focused data science developers.


  • Teaches R, Python, and SQL
  • It primarily focuses on data science
  • Designed for all skill levels
  • Free (in-app purchases)

5. application SoloLearn

The best option for programmers who learn by doing.

The best programming training applications - sololearn

Download: Android | iOS

SoloLearn is one of the best coding apps for beginners that guides users through the basics of programming. Whether you’re just learning to code or want to brush up on your skills, this app is for you. From the very beginning, this program suggests using the new method and approach of tests and social platforms to increase your knowledge. Quizzes and activities ensure that users understand the content before moving forward.

This program offers courses in various languages ​​including R, SQL, C, Java, Python and C++. You can pick up more skills and tools to help you become a data scientist, web developer, or even a full-stack developer. The app has an active community that is sure to help you solve problems and help you connect with others.


  • Practice with exams
  • Coding sandbox
  • Peer learning
  • Free (in-app purchases)

6. application Programming Hub

The best option for programmers who want to learn multiple languages.

The best applications for teaching programming - programming hub

Download: Android | iOS

With Programming Hub you will receive lessons in the form of stories with interactive tasks to easily understand all the information presented in the classes. You have the option to choose any programming language like JavaScript, Python, C++ etc. There are also various classes for digital marketing, app development, artificial intelligence and more.

You can learn 18 different languages ​​through Coding Center, a complete connector for beginner to advanced coding tutorials. Coding Hub offers over 1,800 apps, making it one of the best apps for learning to code in multiple languages. Learn at your own pace through your mobile device.


  • Choose between a large number of programming languages
  • Self-paced learning
  • Free (in-app purchase)

7. application Khan Academy

Best option for developers who want to learn multiple languages ​​and disciplines.

The best applications for programming education - Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the strongest programming knowledge archives available and one of the best free apps for learning programming. Whether you want to learn application coding or full-stack programming, Khan Academy will accompany you. You can access a large amount of content, including video tutorials and exercises, at no cost.


  • Free educational library
  • Programming and scientific content
  • Language diversity
  • Free

8. application Codecademy Go

The best option for Codecademy members who want to learn all the time.

The best programming training applications - Codecademy Go

Download: Android | iOS

If you are familiar with Codecademy’s online courses, you should know that you can now interact with this popular platform through a simple mobile app. With this app, you can practice programming, review lessons, and maintain a learning curve. Note that the full functionality of the Codecademy platform is not available through the app.


  • Review lessons
  • Practice with flash cards
  • Free (premium subscription available)

9. application Mimo

The best option for those who want to learn with short lessons and in little time.

The best applications for teaching programming-mimo

Download: Andrewd iOS

Mimo is a very accessible platform (even for beginners) and the best app to learn programming for those who want to learn little at a time and in a short amount of time. With this application, you only need to code for 5 minutes a day. The app has an impressive array of languages, including JavaScript, Python, and HTML. It’s free because it’s ad-supported.


  • Coding training in just 5 minutes
  • JavaScript, Python and HTML lessons
  • Free (ad supported)

10. application Hopscotch

The best app for kids who want to start developing games.

The best programming training applications - hopscotch

Download: Android | iOS

Kids (and adults) can learn how to program and develop their own games through Hopscotch. Hopscotch has been downloaded more than 24 million times and users have created 36 million games with it. This app is the best learning coding app to get kids interested in programming and game development.


  • Creating and launching games
  • Learning the basics of coding
  • Design suitable for children
  • Free (in-app purchases)

common questions

What is the best app to learn coding?

Based on Grasshopper reviews, Encode and Enki are the best programs for learning to code. Choose Grasshopper if you’re a beginner, Encode if you want to become a full-stack developer, and Enki if you’re interested in data science.

Which free app is best for learning programming?

Khan Academy offers a free and extensive archive of programming lessons as well as other technology and science resources. Other great coding programs include Grasshopper, Encode and Enki.

Can I learn coding by myself?

Yes. Many programmers are completely self-taught. Start learning today by downloading a programming app. With just a few minutes of practice a day, you should be able to learn the basics of programming.

Can I learn programming on my phone for free?

There are many free programs for programming such as Sololearn, Programming Hub and Codecademy go. But to really learn programming, you’ll eventually need a laptop or desktop computer.


We hope this article has helped you find the app you need. Do you have experience using programming education apps? Which app do you recommend?

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